Kayaking-Great Fun On The Water

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Would you like to put some fun in your life? Are you enjoying the great outdoors? Have you ever considered kayaking? Have you seen kayakers out on the water in their little kayaks? Well we decided to see what it is all about and we have had a ball while doing so. If you think you may be too old to try this amazing sport, consider this: Irma and I are both 82 years young!

Kayaking; Having great fun on the water was what we saw when we put putted in our little gas-powered boat. We had our little boat for quite a while and thoroughly enjoyed our time on the water. Ours was a PORTA-BOAT and it was excellent. We had purchased a little outboard motor called a British Seagull. This was a bare bones little motor with no electronics except a spark-plug, no electric start, and no anything, just simply gas and a starter cord. Open the valve to the gas tank, set the choke, wrap the starter cord and give it a pull. It started every time for us and as we were retired, speed was not important. Top speed from the engine was minimal as it was rated at 3 HP.

Now there is very little exercise to be had from sitting in a nice little boat for a few hours. We began to take note of the many kayaks that were around the lakes. Once, while at a friend’s cottage, we had an opportunity to try out their kayaks. Getting into the kayak was no problem and they zipped along at a good speed. Getting out of the kayak was another thing. I tried this way and that but nothing made sense. I’m in pretty good condition but I finally ended up out of the kayak and ended up sitting in the water soaked from my belt to my shoes. I loved the idea of the kayak, so on to the next question.

How can Irma handle one?

We started to check around and came across inflatable kayaks. We found someone who had one for sale and since it was a two-person model we bought it. It handled nicely but the seats were very poor. Then we found one made by Sea Eagle. They were made in the USA and had a dealer in Burlington, WA so we ordered a tandem model and we liked it. The seats were not great but they were ok so we used the kayak a couple of times before we decided to buy two more of the deluxe seats and they have been fantastic.

Soon we were paddling around the lakes like professional kayakers. One advantage of the inflatable kayak is that it fits in the trunk of our little Honda Civic. All of the other gear fits in the trunk too: paddles, pumps, life jackets, rubber boots in the fall and old towels for drying off the kayak before returning it to the trunk.

Our Routine


When we arrive at the launching site we find an area near a boat launch. If there isn’t one we simply find an area where the bottom doesn’t drop off steeply. Once parked, Irma inflates the seats and unloads the paddles, life jackets and other gear and I lay out the kayak, and hook up the electric pump to the car. Ten minutes later we are ready to go. Many times we are parked near others with hard-shell kayaks who have just arrived. By the time they release their kayaks from the roof or back of their pickups, we are ready to go.

Seating Ourselves

The real beauty of our Sea Eagle inflatable kayak is the ease of getting in and out. Our seats fit into the kayak and when we sit in we sit right onto the seats. Step in and we are off and going. I sit in the stern and my seat is immovable. Once we are comfortable we are away for another day on the water.

Sea Eagle Warrantee

Sea Eagle kayaks come with a three-year guarantee and it came in handy as our kayak sprung a leak at a seam after about a year and a half. I called the company and they asked if I could take a short video of the area of the leak. I did and e-mailed it to them. A few minutes later they called me back and told us to trash it and the new replacement was on the way. I had a phone call three days later to come pick it up. You cannot beat great service!

Because we are both over 80 and Irma wears two expensive hearing aids, we kayak along the shore of the lakes we enjoy. We do not do white water but we do enjoy riding the wakes of the speed boats towing water-skiers as they race around the lakes. The kayak rides easily over the waves. We see fish, ducks, geese, herons and deer and the wildlife seem to almost ignore us and we get quite close to them.


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