Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

We were Caretakers

My wife, Irma, and I were caretakers managing a rental complex in the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. While I was completing a management report in my office, I noticed the index finger on my right hand appeared to tremble while I wrote. I was 73 years of age. Little did I know that this was a harbinger of things that would bother me for the rest of my life!

We never know just when a medical problem will arise.

However; as time passed, I began to wonder about it. Over the years I had seen very few people with Parkinson’s but never really gave it a thought. I had another problem that drew my attention: both of my hips were telling me something was not right. Whenever I walked, pain was telling me that I had better see my doctor to find out the cause. He had some Xrays done and confirmed I had arthritis and one hip was more pronounced than the other. He told me the wait time was about 4 to 6 months and to let him know if I wanted to book an operation to replace the hip. I didn’t even think about my Parkinson’s disease symptoms as the hip pain was my immediate concern.

At the time, I didn’t connect that little tremor with Parkinson’s disease

We Make a Move

I met with my property manager and told him our situation. He didn’t want us to leave. He offered to hire a replacement while I went through the operation and convalescent period, but Irma is profoundly deaf and was recouping from a cornea transplant and was very uncomfortable with dealing with people due to these problems. She always was an amazing worker but left the task of dealing with people up to me. So the die was cast — we were moving to the west.

Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Every once in awhile I noticed my finger on my right hand next to the pinkie would quiver. Was it Parkinson’s disease? Just a thought, I guessed. But was it?

We sent our furniture via moving van and drove across Canada over a five- day period and Nancy and Jeff were there to greet us and show us around our/their beautiful new condo. It was spectacular and perfect for us. They would be living in another city about an hour away where Jeff was a successful caretaker responsible for a townhome and apartment building complex. Our daughter, Nancy, was employed with the Provincial government in a dental health program where she traveled to different locations in the area staging dental health clinics for newly arrived immigrants.

Our Medical Conditions Are Taken Care Of

We were able to find a family doctor quite quickly and he arranged a meeting for us with an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon ordered X-rays and a couple of days later he advised me that it was arthritis that was causing the pain in my left hip. He had an opening the next week so I confirmed the appointment, my hip was replaced and I was walking pain free a few days later!

Every once in awhile I noticed my finger on my right hand next to the pinkie would quiver. Was it Parkinson’s disease? Just a thought, I guessed. But was it?

I met with our family doctor and asked about my Parkinson’s disease symptoms. He set up an appointment with a neurologist who, after a few tests, explained to me that I did have Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s Disease

There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. I found out there was a support group active in our city and Irma and I joined with them. Over a period of time my symptoms increased and the doctor prescribed Levodopa. Fortunately, Irma and I have always enjoyed walking and as this activity is one that appears to help keep the symptoms at bay, we have followed a two-walk per day regimen since the diagnosis. Possibly, as a result, my symptoms have remained static for the past five years or so. I say, “possibly” as I cannot prove it is the walking or the Levodopa or a combination of both; but either way, I accept that something is working.

Other Activities That May Help

Parkinson’s disease symptoms can vary from a simple thing like my finger trembling to dyskinesia. This symptom is what affects people such as Muhammad Ali and Michael J Fox. Both of these gentlemen have suffered for many years but they never complained. Another symptom is a person may gradually lose the ability to speak. If a person has contracted PD one exercise that may be beneficial is practicing speaking loudly.





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