Blue Sapphires – Three Reasons Why People Are Fascinated By This Gem

Ever wonder why many people enjoy the color blue? Blue seems to dominate the clothing market at times. Blue goes with almost everything, doesn’t it? Blue sapphires appear to be the top choice of the Royal Family when it comes to choosing engagement rings. Perhaps that is because men are in on the selection as most men will prefer blue when asked. The color blue releases chemicals in our bodies which are calming and make us feel good about ourselves.

The Gemstone Sapphire

Even though we commonly think of sapphires as a stone with a gorgeous, rich, deep blue colour, sapphires can be colorless, yellow, green, orange, brown, pink and even black. In fact, the most popular color is blue. It brings to us the energy of loyalty, honesty and devotion. The sapphire is often used in the design of engagement rings. Some of the most famous sapphire engagement rings belonged to the late Princess Diana, the actress, Penelope Cruz and the supermodel, Elizabeth Hurley. So why are so many people fascinated by this beautiful gemstone?

  1. Blue sapphires [including the other colors of sapphires] are one of the four true gemstones (ruby, emerald, diamond and sapphires). The mysterious deep blue sapphire has been fascinating and inspiring humanity for as long as there are records of its existence. Infused with the power of integrity, strength and wisdom, the sapphire has been used by people in power since ancient times.
  2. The beautiful sapphire represents the month of September and is the birthstone of the astrological signs of Taurus and Virgo. Sapphire is also the birthstone of the Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger and expresses the energy of two days of the week: Thursday and Saturday.
  3. For centuries, sapphires (excluding blue) were often called the same name as a popular gemstone of that color with the prefix “oriental” added to it. For example, green sapphire was called, “Oriental Emerald”. The practice of applying the name of a different gemstone to identify the sapphire was misleading, and these names are no longer used. Oriental Emerald is now called, “Green Sapphire”. The same holds true for all other color varieties of sapphire; however, the word, “Sapphire” in its plain context refers only to blue sapphire unless a prefix color is specified. Sapphire with a color other than blue is often called a “fancy” in the gem trade.


The beauty of the blue sapphire is that it blends so well with diamonds. Diamonds bring out the true blue of the sapphire so well that the two colors complement each other. Strange that the supposed lack of color of the diamond enables the blue color of the sapphire to literally leap out to our eye. In this photo of the engagement ring notice how the two sapphires draw the eye to the diamond.

Blue sapphire engagement rings will be popular for a very long time and certainly have moved to the top of the heap as the number 1 choice among those contemplating marriage.


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