Dwelling Together: What You Need to Make it Work

During world war 2 everyone in the world was worried  Hitler would dominate the world. Everyone that is except the MacMillan family in New Waterford.


Well they had other concerns as Joe and Margaret were tending to the delivery of their 5th. Child, a brand new little girl whom they named Teresa Agnes. Most would confirm that the world has been a better place ever since because of her presence.

Terry and Isabel enjoying a good time on the lake.

Later in her life her friends called her Terry and that is as she is known ever since.

Terry attended Mount Carmel School and eventually Rankin Memorial High School in Iona after Joe and Marg moved to Beaver Cove in 1958. Dwelling together she hated it as she was separated from her lifelong friends in New Waterford. She had been picked on and bullied somewhat in Iona. Here is an old photo of Terry with Dad and Joe at Shadyvale circa 1949.

 Traveling to school was not easy. She would meet the school bus at the driveway for the 30 km drive. If the wind was blowing too much the bus could not board the ferry so the children had to walk on for the scary 1 kilometer drive across the Grand Narrows Strait, and then it was another very cold walk up the hill to the school.

Occasionally even the ferry would be unable to cross as the waves were too high as the gale blew hard. Then the only way to get to school was to walk across the railroad bridge. In the finest of weather this was a scary walk as there is no walkway and only the railroad ties with the angry green and white surf of the waves flowing beneath your feet some 20 feet below. Of course the hike had to be repeated at days end. No wonder the children hated traveling to school.

In 1961 Terry’s brother Ray was hurt severely while working in the coal mine in New Waterford. For awhile there was some concern that he might not make it. Terry visited him in the hospital and was very impressed with the work the nurses were doing in caring for her brother. That impression fixed itself in the deepest recess of her brain and it was at that juncture of her life that she decided to become a nurse and to help others.

After graduation from high school Terry and dwelling together with her friends enrolled in the Registered Nurse program at St. Rita Hospital in Sydney. She was an amazing student and after graduation took up a nursing position in Montreal.

Soon she fell in love with Ozzie Wolk of that city and soon along came their first born, Robert. Another move took them to Kelowna where the parents of Ozzie were residing. While working at the Kelowna hospital Terry became pregnant with their second son Gerry.

Ozzie was having a tough time fitting in with the job situation in Kelowna. Money was tight for the growing family. Terry went back to work in a doctors office for a few hours daily, however, as quite often happens in this kind of situation, stress rears it’s mean head causing marriages to break apart.

Terry accepted a position in the OR at Salmon Arm hospital and moved there with her 2 sons in tow. Some time later while they were dwelling together she and Ozzie divorced.

Robbie and Jerry with their new dad Bob Jobe

A couple of years later she met Bob Jobe who was born and raised in Glace Bay Nova Scotia. Bob had spent 10 years in the Canadian Army and while living in Calgary he had taken a trip to visit a friend in Salmon Arm, liked the town and stayed on.

Bob was skilled with his hands and began to service mobile homes within the area. He specialized in repairing furnaces and installing new ones as well as hot water tanks and fuel tanks.

Eventually they bought a beautiful home overlooking Shuswap Lake, were married, raised the boys into fine young men and settled into the good life in Salmon Arm.

To walk through a shopping mall or for that matter, anywhere where there are people in the Salmon Arm area with Terry you will quickly learn of the respect and friendship and popularity the people have for Terry and Bob.

Terry is a people person. She loves company, Bob and their 2 grandchildren Nickolas and Jackson.

She is happiest in a gathering be it hiking to a scenic area, snowshoeing in the picturesque mountains, boating on the Shuswap, dining with a group of friends, or spending a few precious moments chewing the fat with friends on their fantastic patio at their home.   


She is the type of person that nothing bothers. She also has the ability to fall asleep for a cat nap either in her favorite chair or at a gathering of 20 friends in their home. The first time I witnessed this was at a new years eve house party in Salmon Arm many years ago. A good group of friends were dwelling together and celebrating the new year. People were dining on snacks. Drinks were flowing. Yes, you guessed it. Terry was sound asleep sitting up in an easy chair. Some 20 minutes later she was leading a sing along.

If you ever wanted to have a friend in this world for you to enjoy, you would not ever go wrong by having Terry Jobe as your soul mate. Fantastic mother, sister, wife, and friend.  Here Isabel, Mike and Terry enjoying good times.





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