How to Create a Loving Family

Creating a family is easy. Creating a loving family that lasts a lifetime is a whole new matter. That takes patience, love, commitment and tons of respect.

If you wanted to write a book on how to create a loving family this is where I would suggest you should start.

Raymond and Beverly. It is hard to say one name without the other. Ray is the youngest son of Margaret and Joe. He was born on October 15, 1936 in New Waterford. As a young boy Ray was reared in a home where his Mom played the most beautiful piano music for a few hours every day. It was not long before he began to experiment with this musical instrument in his own way. Chiefly he played by ear. The piano became his heart and he soon mastered it.

He joined the Royal Canadian Air force in 1955 and decided to take a discharge after 3 years. He wanted to learn the watch-making trade but after awhile he took a job working in a coal mine in New Waterford. Shortly after beginning work he was involved in a terrible accident that brought him near death. This is a photo of Mike, Joe and Ray circa 1938 at New Waterford.

Fortunately for us all, he survived and while recouping, he met the love of his life, Beverly Kendall. She was the daughter of Jim and Jane Kendall of New Waterford. They met at a dance and Ray was hooked. Bev soon graduated from nursing school as a Registered Nurse. Now we have the ingredients or recipe of how to create a loving family.

They were married on June 2, 1962. By this time Ray had re-entered the air force where he continued to serve for the next 22 years.

The next few years in the air force took them to bases in Canada as well as in France and Italy. They raised two beautiful girls, Judy and Brenda and after serving in semi isolation in Moosonee in northern Ontario they were transferred to Trenton, Ontario where they purchased a home. Bev found a job as a nurse with the Victorian Order of Nurses where she carried out her duties caring for patients in their homes.

They had a very small travel trailer when they arrived in Trenton. Finding a place to live was tough. The little family of 4 managed to cope  somehow in that tiny trailer for a couple of months before a friend of Bev’s at work mentioned there was a house for sale on Sidney St. It was perfect for them and the sale was completed.

Judy and Brenda were wonderful students and worked their way through the Trenton school system and soon graduated from high school. Judy went on to university obtaining a science degree and teachers license. Soon she met Paul Couture  who was a teacher as well. They settled in their new home in Kingston, Ontario, and adopted 2 adorable children Mattie and Beth. In this photo Judy is in the left front row and Brenda is on the right in the second row. 

Brenda married Darrell and have two boys, Kyle and Jake (above) and until recently had a nice home near Bellville. In 2013 they moved into their beautiful new home on the Rideau river near Ottawa.

Ray retired from the air force after serving for 25 years  and found employment in a garden center for the next 6 years. Bev retired from the VON and after working part time with the VON chose total retirement. Their lives centered around their children and grandchildren while setting an example of how to create a loving family.

Ray’s love for music never left him. He and the piano were as one. His talent is unmatched and to hear him play is an experience never to be forgotten. He has played in the Trenton City Band and with the Starliters Orchestra for many years. He played at the many dances staged for the Knights of Columbus. He played for pie socials, berry socials and often played in seniors care facilities.

Beverly was always there to support him and took part in many fundraisers. She too up the Bunka Crewel hobby and her beautiful creations found their way into homes of her friends and family as cherished gifts. This is the one she did for Irma and I as a 50th Anniversary present. 

For a few years they enjoyed camping out in the many parks with their motorhome. All the while more than life itself, they enjoyed their family. They should have written a book on how to create a loving family.

Beverly came from a family of 6 girls and one boy. Her brother died very young. The girls were Betty, Isabel, Mary, Beverly, Evelyn and Rose.  

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