Compulsive Liar

Why do people lie?

I suppose there are as many reasons as there are people. Most of us tell little lies without even knowing it. We may bend the truth in any one of a thousand ways. Perhaps once in awhile we may find the need to tell a bigger lie. But why be a compulsive liar?

I suppose there are as many reasons as there are people. Most of us tell little lies without even knowing it. We may bend the truth in any one of a thousand ways. Perhaps once in awhile we may find the need to tell a bigger lie. But why be a compulsive one? A compulsive liar is one who simply cannot stop himself.

When we were in training, during the first two weeks as caretakers in a high-rise rental tower, our manager told us we were going to take over as caretakers in an 11-storey rental building in Vancouver. We were to go to meet the present caretaker and his wife and look over the building the next day. We met George and his wife at our appointed time but instantly we began to wonder about him as he was in the process of dyeing his hair when we arrived. His hair was tightly curled and he had a shower cap over it. My first thought was, why would he not be ready to meet us as we were on time? Was he a compulsive liar?

He had a chart on the wall with all of the suite numbers on it and a list of improvements to be done on the individual suites such as painting, replacing appliances, new drapes, etc.

Once his hair dried he took us on a tour of the building. While doing so he explained to us the reason he was doing the job as a caretaker was so that he could learn all about operating rental buildings. Recently he purchased two penthouse suites in two other buildings and had rented them out to famous actors for $5,000 per month while they were in the city making movies. He was very sincere about it. He further stated he was looking into purchasing a high-rise tower as he had made quite a lot of money acting in the movie, “Cocoon.”

Now this, to us, sounded as if he was off the wall. However, we very seldom saw movies so what did we know? He seemed so sincere. As we toured the building we could not help but notice that the garbage chutes on each floor were leaking some sort of liquid that seeped from the chute door and ran down onto the carpet. He opened one chute door and he pointed out that the management had been trying to fix the leaking for years but it was to no avail. They had the roof redone but that didn’t solve the problem.

In the little room where the lawnmower and shovels were kept he told us he purchased a new snowblower for the building and it would soon be delivered. He had some boxes of tulip bulbs that he was planting around the grounds. He must have had 200 or more which seemed a lot for such a small area. I asked him how he paid for these things and he said it was no problem and once everything was on hand he would get paid.

The guy was so self-assured that we began to take him at his word. Was he for real or was he a compulsive liar?

Back at the office he showed us his suite action plan. He pointed out that the building was 25 years old and all of the appliances were worn out, so a carload of new ones were on their way and should arrive shortly. His wife was in the office with us and he was so sincere we felt assured that he was telling the truth, even though we could feel that this guy was lying. But he was being promoted to being the new caretaker of a much larger complex so we wondered what was going on. We were the new kids on the block. We had never been caretakers of our own building before. Perhaps he was telling us the truth!

When we arrived back to our training building our manager asked us what we thought of George and we shook our heads as we didn’t know if this was a test of some sort or not. He seemed to know something that we were not in on as yet. We suspected that someone was a compulsive liar.

A couple of days later we moved to our new job.

George welcomed us to the new building and told us he was not only the caretaker of his new building but he has been promoted to property manager and would be in charge of this building as well as our building. He told us that the new appliances are well on their way from the distributor and we should be prepared to install them when they arrive.

George and his wife moved out and we moved in. A week later we went to visit them in their new building. He was busy but he pointed out a $500 tree standing in the lobby that he had purchased that day. Now that was a lot of money at the time. We had never heard a word from anyone about spending this kind of money. We left him and on our way back home we wondered about this. Was he for real or a compulsive liar?

A couple of days later I called George to get an expected delivery date for the appliances delivery. He assured me they were in the city and would be sent over to us soon.

The next day our previous manager called to inform me that the police had come to arrest George but he had locked himself in his suite in his building and would not come out.

About noon the following day the company general manager and George arrived unannounced at our office to tell me George had an offer he could not resist and would be leaving the job immediately. It seemed that George was a complete nut and had been making all of those purchases without any authority. Apparently the police had to use forced entry into the suite and had arrested him.

Of course we were shocked but not surprised. The compulsive liar was gone!

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