Winners and Losers

As we live our lives we meet all kinds of people.

Some always stand out from the crowd and they become leaders who do not hesitate. When the situation calls for someone to take charge, they do not hesitate to step forward. Then there are losers who, for one reason or other, sink to the bottom of the barrell and don’t fit in with the rest of humanity. They spend their lives trying to get there but they cannot succeed.

Most of Our Residents Were Excellent

We managed a pair of towers with 278 condominium apartments and many fantastic residents. These people were hard-working folks who went about their jobs diligently. As usual, there were winners and losers as we find in every walk of life.

Sub-rentals were permitted in these towers; an owner could rent out his apartment to a prospective tenant if he so wished. One of these renters fit into the losers category to a tee.

Wayne was a loser! He had been in prison a couple of times for minor infractions. He was trying to fit in with the low life but was even too stupid to stay out of jail. He owned a shop in the sleazy part of the city and had been raided many times for selling pot. His live-in girlfriend had been arrested repeatedly for prostitution. When it came to winners this guy was the total opposite; a born loser and you could call him a social reject.

Our building was managed by a very reputable property management company that occupied an office on the 13th floor of a bank building next door to ours. Our property manager informed me that our loser couple were from time to time having sex in the middle of the day with the drapes wide open. Of course this was highly visible from a few floors in the office building and it was causing quite a disruption among the staff. The property manager had been trying to get rid of this loser and finally he found a loophole in the tenancy agreement that allowed him to be evicted.

Now, when it comes to winners and losers, this guy took the cake. He had an extra key made for the building entry door and gave it to one of his loser friends who was known to hang out with, ‘Wayne the loser’.

A week after Wayne was evicted his loser friend was seen entering the building after midnight. He took the elevator to the 11th floor where he kicked the elevator panel so hard it had to be replaced. He then entered the stairwell and opened the valve for the water supply for the fire hose. This was a four-inch pipe that was connected to the powerful water pumps in the bottom floor of the tower. The water blasted out, pounding the drywall off the wall in the stairwell and quickly flooded every one of the lower 10 floors soaking carpets and contents in every suite. It was a huge mess! He was then seen trying to gain entry to the second tower by way of the underground parking garage but he couldn’t get in. He was seen tossing a fire extinguisher through the back window of a nice pickup truck before exiting the building.

What a mess we had on our hands!

The power had to be shut off because of the water. Irma and I lived on the 20th floor and had to walk up and down for the day as well as all of the residents. A restoration company had to use an emergency generator to power the 50 heavy-duty fans to dry out the place. The carpets from the hallways and 64 suites had to be replaced. It took over a month to get things back to normal.

Costly Vandalism

When the insurance adjuster checked things out he discovered a joint on the water supply pipe that had been involved had come apart from the pressure of the pumps had been improperly secured when the system was installed. Two set screws were not secured to hold the joint together thus causing the joint to come apart. The onus was now on the plumbing company to cover the $150,000 insurance claim.

Yes, there are winners and losers in this world and caretakers may meet up with them from time to time!

16 years experience went into our book.

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